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Utena pedagogical psychological Service is the institution of free municipal help for Utena students, their parents (or guardians), teachers and educational institutions.

Specialists assess individual special educational needs and/or psychological problems, give pedagogical and psychological assistance to children, their parents and teachers, special pedagogical, psychological and methodological support to all local educational institutions.

Children on their own initiative, their parents (guardians), teachers and other professionals working with children, heads of educational institutions can contact the Service.

Persons of 3-18 years old (with special educational needs up to 21 years old) living in the municipal area and/or educated in schools and child care institutions founded by the municipal council are served by Service. Children’s parents, their educators and educational institutions are also given help.




2001-06-21 Utena district pedagogical psychological service (hereinafter – Service) was established by the decision Nr. 108 of Utena district council. 2001-11-08 Ritonė Tumelienė has been appointed as a director. In the beginningthree specialistshave worked in Service: director – speech therapist, psychologist and special educator. Service was given the premises in Utena music school (Maironio str. 11).

2003-03-10 the team of specialists was completed by doctor neurologist. In 2003-2007 the change of doctors neurologists took place. At one time in 2005-2006 the psychiatrist worked instead of neurologist in the team of specialists.

2005-01-03 two specialists contributed to the team: surdo-pedagogue and tiflo-pedagogue.

2007-09-01implementing the project of National centre for special needs education and psychology ”Development of pedagogical psychological services” (supported by structural funds of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union), the Service moved to the 5th floor rooms of Utena primary health care centre that were reconstructed and adapted to the activity of pedagogical psychological service. At present here are 7 offices of specialists, hall for group consultations and meeting room.The new premises have created good conditions for communication of service recipients and providers, cosy and quiet environment, enabled the implementation of the principle of confidentiality.After the reconstruction renewed we continue to work, providing pedagogical assistance for children and young people up to 21 years of Utena district, for their parents (guardians / caretakers) and teachers in accordance with the principles of humanistic psychology and ideas. In order to improve children's educational and psychological problems, specialists cooperate with the colleagues of National centre for special needs education and psychology, pedagogical-psychological services of Lithuania, Utena county services, Utena children's rights protection department, Mental health centre of Utena primary health care centre, Early rehabilitation service.

2008-2009 according to the study exchange program Arion” the group of 13 specialists from Belgium, Slovenia, Great Britain, Austria, Italy, Turkey and Ireland visited Service, they were interested in system of aid for students in Lithuania. The guests from Moldova, Estonia and Czech Republic also visited Service and took interest in its activities.

2012-05-24 Service celebrated 10-year anniversary.

The history of Service is illustrated by the photos.